We are on behalf of Namoshivam Vyapaar Pvt. Ltd. would like to discuss some important and valuable policies and strategies of our business. We are one of the leading Companies in West Bengal as well as in India, since 2013. We began our stride 5 years ago and have since experienced a smooth and successful journey with no complaints at all, and have provided a satisfying amount of stability, reliability, and profitability throughout. We possess our own farmland for various kinds of agricultural products and keeping them securely in cold-storages, we supply various kinds of vegetables to the metropolitan cities. We know that in India, most vegetables are seasonal. At the time of cultivation of these products, their rate is lower than the market price. After they are cultivated, we store the products in our cold storages for 3 to 6 months. When the market price starts to increase, we sell the products and achieve good profits. We truly believe that each and every bit of effort will prove to be a valuable part of our business in the future. Let’s work with us to meet your desired profits.